CSTN Friends in Travel – Discussion Board Tips

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Getting Started

1. CSTN Friends in Travel is a private discussion board for subscribers to Connecting: Solo Travel Network (CSTN). Non-members: Join information

2. Type, or copy and paste the following web address (URL) into your web browser's address box/bar: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cstn-friends.

3. Click on the button located adjacent to the address box. OR Press the Enter key on your computer keyboard. Either of these actions should take you to a page titled "Google Groups" and below that to the right highlighted in blue: "CSTN Friends in Travel." The page looks similar to the illustration below.

CSTN Friends in Travel discussion board powered by Google

Sign in OR Open a FREE! Google Account

4. Select (click on) "Sign in." The sign in/sign out link is located at the right-hand side of the black bar running across the top of the page. (Note: If you see your name there instead of "Sign-in," that means you are already signed-in and remembered from a previous visit.) Clicking on "sign-in" will take you to a Google information and sign-in page where you either:

4a) if you already have registered an email address on a Google account (Note: Any email address – yahoo, hotmail, gmail, or any other – is okay): Type in the spaces provided on the right, the email address you have registered with Google, and your Google password.
4b) if you have NOT previously opened a Google account, scroll down and select the "Create an account now" link.

Selecting 4b) should take you to a Google page where you record your password and choose how you want to communicate with other members.

After completing the join and/or sign in procedures with your GOOGLE password, you should go directly to the CSTN Friends in Travel Home page as shown above. Now you can begin posting and/or replying to messages.


Communicating with CSTN Friends Via E-mail