Index of Solo Travel Reports

Last update: June 2017.

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Solo Trips Africa & Middle East Solo Trips Asia
Africa, Cape to Cairo, Solo
Africa, Iceland to Cape Town, Group
Africa, Morocco, Solo
Africa, Namibia, Volunteering
Africa, South Africa, Bus-About
Africa, South Africa, Swaziland, Hiking

Middle East, Egypt, Cruising, Touring
Middle East, Egypt, Cairo, Solo
Middle East, Palestine, Solo
Middle East, Turkey, Solo
Middle East, Turkey, Bodrum, Fethiye, Solo

Asia, China, Solo
Asia, China, Beijing
Asia, China, Wolong, Volunteering
Asia, China, Train, Solo
Asia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Solo
Asia, India, Solo
Asia, India, Mysore, Solo
Asia, Indonesia, Bali, Tale
Asia, Japan, Tale
Asia, Japan, Rail, Solo
Asia, Korea, North Korea
Asia, Korea, South Korea, Solo
Asia, Laos, Mekong, Boat, Solo
Asia, Malaysia, Borneo, Mt Kinabalu, Climbing
Asia, Malaysia, Festival, Tale
Asia, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Solo
Asia, Nepal, Trekking
Asia, Nepal, Everest, Tale
Asia, Singapore, Day Trip, Solo
Asia, Taiwan, Public Transport
Asia, Thailand, Bangkok 2000, Solo
Asia, Thailand, Bangkok 1999, Solo
Asia, Thailand, Chiang Mai, Solo
Asia, Thailand, Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep
Asia, Thailand, Diving, Volunteering
Asia, Vietnam, Lost, Tale
Asia, Vietnam, Spa, Tale
Asia, Vietnam, Tour

Solo Trips Europe Europe Continued
Europe, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Cycling, Solo
Europe, Balkans: Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia
Europe, Bosnia, Mostar
Europe, Belgium, Brussels, Solo
Europe, Britain, England, Derbyshire, Walking
Europe, Britain, England, Dorset, Solo, Hardy
Europe, Britain, England, Glastonbury, Myths, Solo
Europe, Britain, England, Hadrian's Wall, Walking, Solo
Europe, Britain, England, Lancashire, Genealogy
Europe, Britain, England, Lancashire, Live Abroad
Europe, Britain, England, London, Budget
Europe, Britain, England, London, Tale
Europe, Britain, England, North Downs Way, Walking, Solo
Europe, Britain, England, Shrewsbury, Haunted, Solo
Europe, Britain, England, Theme, Bond, Solo
Europe, Britain, England, Theme, Literary, Solo
Europe, Britain, England, Weymouth, Solo
Europe, Britain, England, Yorkshire, Solo
Europe, Britain, Scotland, Edinburgh Festival, Solo
Europe, Britain, Scotland, Glasgow, Architecture, Solo
Europe, Britain, Scotland, Borders, Solo
Europe, Czech Republic, Prague, Solo
Europe, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Bus, Solo
Europe, Finland, Rovaniemi, Train, Solo
Europe, France, Languedoc House Party
Europe, France, Loire Valley, Solo
Europe, France, Paris, Day Trip, Solo
Europe, France, Paris, Live Abroad, Solo
Europe, France, Paris, Shopping, Solo
Europe, France, Paris, SERVAS, Solo
Europe, France, Provence, Solo
Europe, Germany, Berlin, Solo
Europe, Gibraltar, Solo
Europe, Greece, Athens, Solo
Europe, Greece, Camping, Solo
Europe, Greece, Peloponnese, Solo
Europe, Greece, Skyros, Solo
Europe, Greece, Greek Islands, Tale

Europe, Hungary, Budapest, Solo
Europe, Hungary, Budapest, Spa, Solo
Europe, Iceland, Singles Tour
Europe, Ireland, Athenry Solo, Tale
Europe, Ireland, Lisdoonvarna, Matchmaking Festival
Europe, Italy, Amalfi, Walking, Solo
Europe, Italy, Farm-stay, Solo
Europe, Italy, Liguria, Riviera, Solo
Europe, Italy, Rome, Solo
Europe, Italy, Rome, Study, Teach, Solo
Europe, Italy, Venice, Solo
Europe, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Solo
Europe, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Boat Stay
Europe, Norway, Oslo, Solo
Europe, Norway, Oslo, Budget Tips
Europe, Norway, St Olav's Way, Walking, Solo
Europe, Poland, Krakow, Penpal, Tale
Europe, Poland, Solo
Europe, Portugal, Solo
Europe, Russia, St Petersburg, Solo
Europe, Russia, St Petersburg, Study, Language
Europe, Slovakia, Bratislava, Solo
Europe, Slovenia, Solo
Europe, Spain, Englishtown, Study, Solo
Europe, Spain, Camino de Santiago, Walking, Solo
Europe, Spain, Way of St James, Walking, Solo
Europe, Spain, Hosteling, Solo
Europe, Spain, Madrid, Solo
Europe, Spain, Medieval, Solo
Europe, Spain, Ronda, Solo
Europe, Spain, Valencia, Solo
Europe, Switzerland, Public Transport
Europe, Switzerland, St Gallen
Europe, Switzerland, Interlaken, Paraglide, Tale